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Miami Argan Oil Store Introduces Facial Mask Applicator Kit

Zakia Miami Facial Mask Applicator Set become Amazon best seller the week it was launched on Amazon. Zakia Miami Face Mask Brush Set: 7-Pack Facial...

Product Review: Why Zakia Miami Argan Oil is the Best Beauty Treatment for Skin and Hair

Argan oil is sourced right from the Argan tree, and is one of the rarest oils in the world. It is frequently used in...

Pure Organic Argan Oil

Meet one of the top essential oils that is truly essential for the overall health of the body including the skin, hairs, and nails- Argan...
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ZMcare® Launches Its Hand Sanitizer with Argan Oil on Amazon

ZMcare® LLC (www.Zakia.Miami) announced today that it has launched its popular hand sanitizer with argan oil on its exclusive Amazon Store. Below is the...

Amazon Opens ZMcare® Brand Store

Zakia Bouachraoui, Founder & CEO of ZMcare LLC announced today on Twitter: “I’m very pleased to announce that today @Amazon has opened an “exclusive” @ZMcare®...

101.5 Lite FM Miami Offers ZMcare® Hand Sanitizer Specials

ZMcare® LLC (www.Zakia.Miami) announced today that it priced their 10 oz/300 mL Zakia Miami Hand Sanitizer with Pure Argan Oil at $5.99 with a...