ZMcare LLC’s Zakia Miami Organic Lab Receives New Argan Oil, Prickly Pear Seed Oil Presses

ZMCare LLC's Zakia Miami organic lab received brand new, custom-manufactured “prickly pear seed oil” and “argan oil” presses. The company cold-presses, bottles and ships daily fresh organic products from its Miami, Florida store.


ZMCare LLC’s Zakia Miami organic lab received brand new, custom-manufactured “prickly pear seed oil” and “argan oil” presses. The company cold-presses, bottles and ships daily fresh organic products from its Miami, Florida store.

Argan oil is sourced right from the Argan tree, and is one of the rarest oils in the world. It is frequently used in beauty products because it works wonders for your skin and hair. Zakia Miami Argan Oil is goat-free, hand-harvested argan oil that is packed with all necessary nutrients of the argan fruit.

Take a look at how Zakia Miami Argan Oil can be beneficial for skin and hair:

Add moisture

Argan oil provides a major boost of hydration to the skin, thanks to its high quantities of vitamin E. This particular vitamin also helps strengthen the barrier of the skin, so it can retain more moisture and prevent further loss. To help seal in hydration, it is recommended that you add a few drops of Zakia Miami Argan Oil to your daily moisturizer.

Promote hair growth

Due to phenols found in argan oil, they stimulate the scalp, so they are able to promote new hair growth. The best way to reap these benefits is in tandem with a hair loss treatment. Gently massage the oil into your scalp for a few minutes each day to facilitate blood flow and open up pores.

Reduce appearance of wrinkles and fine lines

Argan oil helps to impart a more youthful appearance to your skin, because of its nourishing properties. The skin starts to thin as you begin aging, which leads to loss of collagen, along with elasticity – it causes tissue paper-like wrinkling of the skin. If you use argan oil topically, it will give elasticity a boost. Your skin becomes firmer and signs of aging like wrinkles and fine lines are visibly reduced.

Brighten skin and fade dark spots

If you suffer from hyperpigmentation, or brown spots on the skin caused by hormones, aging, or years of sun exposure, argan oil may help improve and brighten your skin tone. Argan oil contains tocopherols (vitamin E compounds) that can inhibit the production of excess pigment from melasma or scars.

Impart sun protection

Argan oil works like a high-quality sunscreen for your hair, neutralizing free radicals (unstable molecules that tend to wreak havoc in your body) enhanced by the natural environment and sun. The antioxidants found in argan oil are especially beneficial for color-treated hair to prevent loss of pigment and extend the life of your color. An easy way to introduce using argan oil as a sun protectant it is by adding one to two drops and lightly running your fingers through your hair after styling or just adding it to the ends. It won’t take much time, but your hair gets necessary protection from UV rays.

Cleanse skin

If you are dealing with oily and pimple-prone skin, adding even more oil doesn’t seem like a wise course of action! However, it may help more than you think. A small study showed that topical application of argan oil twice daily for four weeks was associated with reduced sebum (aka oil) and a less shiny complexion. It can help to reduce clogged pores and in turn, prevent acne from manifesting. You can also pour a few drops on a clean cotton pad, wipe it over your face and follow up with a gentle cleanser.

Condition hair

Since argan oil is so moisturizing, it serves as a great conditioner or mask for your hair. Its molecules are smaller than other oils that make it more convenient to penetrate through the hair cuticles, which will make hair softer and more manageable with less tangles and dryness.  Use Zakia Miami Argan Oil on wet, cleansed hair, leave on for 20 minutes, and then put a shower cap on while it sits to lock in the moisture. Rinse thoroughly later on.

Soothe an itchy and irritated scalp

For those who suffer from flakes and dandruff, argan oil provides anti-inflammatory benefits and will not clog pores, which can lead to damaged hair follicles. To use argan oil as more of a treatment, she suggests taking a few drops and gently massaging into the scalp, stimulating the blood circulation. Ideally, leave on overnight before rinsing out in the morning.

Prevent heat damage

The vitamin E and fatty acids in argan oil actually protect the hair and scalp from heat damage caused by styling tools. To protect your hair while blow drying, straightening, or curling, all you have to do is apply a couple of drops of plain argan oil to wet or dry hair before and after styling.

Boost shine

Unlike other oils, like coconut and olive oil, argan oil is easily absorbed into the hair strand, so it doesn’t leave a greasy residue unless you overdo it. Thanks to the fact that it is rich in fatty acids, it helps bring shine and luster back into the hair without weighing it down and causing buildup. To use, apply a few drops to wet hair before styling. On dry hair, apply a small amount, focusing on the ends. It is necessary to know the right amount or else you might end up with excessively oily hair, which is another problem in itself.

Reduce frizz

You will be greatly benefited if you use a few drops of argan oil on wet strands prior to styling to hydrate and prep hair. If there is still a bit of frizz, take a drop and rub well into hands, then work into dry hair, starting and focusing at the ends. As an added bonus, using a little oil on the ends of your hair may help reduce the appearance of split ends. This technique works well when you realize that while a trim is needed, there is no time to book a hair appointment, and there is a party coming up in a few hours.

Unlike other argan oil bottles that come in a cheap rubber pump & plastic pipette, which contaminates the product before expiry date, Zakia Miami Argan Oil comes in a premium quality black glass bottle with an organic wood cap and surgical grade pump and pipette that doesn’t react with the oil.


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